Our Achievements

Dawn has handled a wide range of complex commercial litigation, including complex banking, company, construction and property disputes (including the most contentious and highly-publicised collective sale disputes), and corporate insolvency and restructuring (both advisory and litigation).  Some of the clients Dawn has advised include:

  • a public listed company in the divestment of its majority stake (valued in excess of SGD40 million) in a Cayman Islands company engaged in, through its offshore (PRC) subsidiaries, environmental business operations, namely: (a) environmental construction services encompassing environmental engineering consultancy and design, construction, equipment manufacturing and installation, and project management services for environmentally-oriented municipal projects, including wastewater treatment plants, water treatment and supply plants and solid waste treatment plants; and (b) environmental concession services involving financing, investment, construction, operation, management and maintenance services for wastewater and water treatment and supply plants through the PRC;
  • a major supplier of ready-mixed concrete in relation to multiple claims arising from the ban of sand exports from Indonesia;
  • a government-linked entity in relation to the investigation and potential prosecution of an employee for alleged corruption;
  • a government-linked entity in relation to potential claims arising from the divestment and redevelopment of certain property;
  • a government-linked entity in relation to allegations of misrepresentation made against it by a public listed company;
  • a bank in its claim against the directors and controlling shareholders of a public listed company in relation to losses incurred by the company pursuant to the close out of foreign exchange transactions, in which the claim was valued in excess of SGD38 million;
  • the majority shareholder in a shareholder dispute in relation to a privately held company engaged in the distribution, promotion and retail sale of apparel carrying the trademark of internationally-renowned brands;
  • a telecommunications company in relation to its claim for the recovery of telecommunication cables valued in excess of SGD5 million;
  • the owner of certain land in a prime residential area in relation to the attempted unilateral realignment of a right of way over an adjacent plot of land owned by a public listed property developer, a case which resulted in a landmark judgment by the Singapore Court of Appeal;
  • a group of foreign funds in relation to a highly-structured and privately placed financing transaction put in place for the acquisition of a substantial stake in a foreign company then listed on the Norwegian stock exchange;
  • a Singapore company with manufacturing facilities in the region in its claim against the tortfeasor for damage caused to its property which resulted in the corruption and loss of data including intellectual property, which involved technical issues involving digital forensics and complex issues of the valuation of intellectual property;
  • an employee in a multi-million claim against several corporate entities and their Indonesian owner for share awards and bonuses due upon the completion of the reverse takeovers of certain IDX-listed entities;
  • the wholly owned subsidiary of a public listed company in relation to a multi-million dollar claim against it for allegedly defective marine equipment supplied to a shipbuilder;
  • a Singapore company engaged in civil engineering and building construction in its claim against a public listed insurer for the loss of certain equipment;
  • a Singapore company engaged in construction and engineering works in its claim against several entities in a construction-related dispute.